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A guide to getting through the school day whilst high

Grab your sunnies and seize the day: Visine and confidence are the only things you need

14 October, 2018
Becoming Banksy asks the age-old question: who really is Banksy?

The up-and-coming comedy provides a commentary on society’s relationship with the world’s most well-known graffiti artist

29 September, 2018
TIFF 2018: Quincy

Putting the life back into the biopic — have you seen him like this?

17 September, 2018
From SoCal to Toronto: Navigating the wonderful world of winter activities

How ice skating and ice hockey helped me become the happiest version of myself

25 August, 2018
A collection of upbeat and chill tunes to delve into before class starts in the fall

There’s no time for summertime sadness when the sun is shining and your playlist is on shuffle

9 June, 2018
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