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Foreign higher education is a luxury good

Until provincial funding increases, international students should be prepared to pay more

10 November, 2014
Good education is worth the investment

Before you dismiss free universities, you should crunch the numbers

4 November, 2014
Student summer experiences

Four U of T students share the ups and downs of their summer internships, jobs, and programs.

31 August, 2014
Recently announced federal internship plan does not address unpaid internship problem

Strengthening Canada’s labour laws will help to crack down on predatory unpaid internship programs

11 June, 2014
Redistributive University Fund is neither unprecedented nor ideal

Ontario’s provincial government owes a funding increase to professional faculties and undergrads

24 March, 2014
Do standardized tests work?

Two perspectives on assessment techniques in higher education

17 March, 2014
Toronto350 campaign neglects to consider U of T’s current dependence on fossil fuels

Divestment is not the right way to start a conversation about U of T’s relationship with climate change

3 March, 2014
Former U of T president nominated to corporate board

David Naylor’s nomination to Barrick Gold’s board is no cause for concern

3 February, 2014
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