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Indigenous employment at U of T

Examining Indigenous recruitment, supports, challenges

16 March, 2019
U of T alumni discuss entrepreneurship at Female Founders panel

Leila Keshavjee, Saara Punjani, Pooja Viswanathan on challenges, failures, and future successes

15 March, 2019
Europa League Round of 16 predictions

Arsenal, Chelsea, Sevilla likely to advance with ease

6 March, 2019
U of T’s 2019–2020 budget $88 million short of projections

Facing revenue decreases due to tuition cuts, university readjusts five-year budget

3 March, 2019
U of T yet to receive provincial funding for facility maintenance, implementing international student tuition deposit

Business Board reports on deferred maintenance, international intake strategy

10 February, 2019
How U of T could adjust to provincial tuition cuts

Ford government’s 10 per cent domestic tuition slash could prompt university to borrow from reserves, make cuts

20 January, 2019
How non-essential fees at U of T work — and how they could change next year

Provincial government’s new Student Choice Initiative may make some of U of T’s ancillary, incidental fees opt-out

20 January, 2019
Planning and Budget Committee recommends FitzGerald Building revitalization

Plans in place for former medicine, dentistry hub to host new administrative offices

13 January, 2019
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