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Sexism in sports media coverage

The way female athletes are covered needs to change

27 January, 2019
Major League Baseball awards bookend an eventful season

There’s always next year for the Blue Jays

19 November, 2018
Where’s the old Kanye?

The idea that you need to be unstable to be a successful artist is damaging and dangerous

18 November, 2018
An alternative movie list for Halloween

Hereditary is going to be the next cult classic in the Halloween film genre

28 October, 2018
A look at the Blue Jays’ forgettable 2018 season

What Jays fans can expect next season

4 October, 2018
TIFF 2018: The Great Darkened Days

Nothing flows naturally in Maxime Giroux’s latest effort

17 September, 2018
TIFF 2018: Asako I & II

Ryusuke Hamaguchi follows a protagonist struggling to participate in her own life

17 September, 2018
We want to hear age

Examining the record resurgence

8 September, 2018
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