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A look at the Blue Jays’ forgettable 2018 season

What Jays fans can expect next season

4 October, 2018
TIFF 2018: The Great Darkened Days

Nothing flows naturally in Maxime Giroux’s latest effort

17 September, 2018
TIFF 2018: Asako I & II

Ryusuke Hamaguchi follows a protagonist struggling to participate in her own life

17 September, 2018
We want to hear age

Examining the record resurgence

8 September, 2018
Why the Blue Jays needed to move on from Roberto Osuna

The former Blue Jays closer was charged with assault in May

6 August, 2018
Are the baseballs juiced?

Why the MLB needs to come clean about the historic rise of home runs

12 March, 2018
Is there hope for the Blue Jays in 2018?

Jays revamp outfield with Granderson and Grichuk

28 January, 2018
Celebrating the life and career of Roy Halladay

The greatest pitcher in Blue Jays history died in a plane crash last week

12 November, 2017
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