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The 2017 World Series was an unpredictable spectacle

Astros win thrilling World Series in seven games

9 November, 2017
Who will win the World Series?

The path through the postseason has been full surprises

23 October, 2017
Varsity Blues baseball win OUA Championship

Blues pitcher Peter Nash describes the impressive feat

22 October, 2017
MLB postseason preview

Who’s the most likely candidate to win the October Classic?

3 October, 2017
The good, the bad, and the hopeful: the Blue Jays season in review

Despite the lacklustre season, there’s still hope

2 October, 2017
Troy Tulowitzki and the Coors Field effect

In the midst of his regression, what impact did Coors Field have on Tulowitzki’s prime?

17 September, 2017
Does anybody really win with wins?

Baseball’s analytical community understands that a pitcher’s win-loss records shouldn’t matter

31 July, 2017
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