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Global warming causes more infrequent but bigger storms

U of T climate scientists use basic physics principles to predict the future of the global atmosphere

2 March, 2015
Exoplanets more hospitable than ever before

Study: a larger amount of extrasolar planets than previously expected could possess a life-sustaining atmosphere

2 February, 2015
Conference advocates better science policy

“Canada now ranks fiftieth in terms of freedom of information”

30 January, 2015
SPIDER: Hunting for signals in universe’s oldest light

Balloon-borne telescope may help answer physicists’ most pressing questions

19 January, 2015
Scientists discover ancient subsurface water pockets

Hydrogen-rich waters found by U of T researchers may offer clue to understanding life formation

4 January, 2015
Merger star found near black hole

Scientists may have discovered a new class of objects in our galaxy’s most dynamic region

1 December, 2014
How to write games with nothing but words

Toronto Reference Library to host festival celebrating games built and played using text

7 November, 2014
All eyes on the Arctic

Transatlantic Science Week 2014 addresses sustainability and safety in the Arctic

2 November, 2014
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