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Peter Mansbridge, quizzed

Peter Mansbridge brought his distinct baritone voice to UTSC on Tuesday morning. A longtime journalist, Mansbridge anchors CBC’s flagship nightly […]

26 November, 2009
‘Non-violence is the future of humanity’

As a philosophy student in France, Ramin Jahanbegloo admired Nelson Mandela and took part in “Free Mandela” campaigns. On Nov. […]

16 November, 2009
UTSC gets new sports complex for Pan Am Games

U of T will host several events for the Pan American Games in 2015, which means new athletic facilities at […]

9 November, 2009
McMaster TAs go on strike

McMaster University teaching and research assistants went on strike Monday morning, having failed to reach an agreement after almost 24 […]

5 November, 2009
Resident Evil shoots at UTSC

Zombies camped out at UTSC this weekend, when the cast and crew of the Resident Evil blockbuster franchise occupied the […]

8 October, 2009
Google’s copyright conundrum

Google Books might be a godsend when it comes to research, but authors whose books were scanned without their permission […]

29 September, 2009
Student arrested in York sexual assault

A York University student has been charged with one count of sexual assault after an incident that occurred in the […]

24 September, 2009
Feds fund new UTSC building

U of T at Scarborough announced plans for a new $70-million Instructional Centre, to be funded from the $151 million […]

8 June, 2009
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