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Folks, you have the floor

Two perspectives on the 2016
UTSU Annual General Meeting

14 November, 2016
The CFS report, explained

Upon closer examination, the prospect of defederation paints a different picture for the UTSU

21 June, 2016
The UTSU report card

Assessing the organization’s accomplishments in 2015-2016, from services to samosas

3 June, 2016
Hamilton‘s legacy: other moments in history that deserve a musical

We picked five potential musicals and the genres that should accompany them

4 April, 2016
Inspiration or plagiarism?

When comedians’ jokes sound far too familiar

28 March, 2016
Reflecting on the 2016 UTSU elections

Real change or more of the same?

28 March, 2016
The limits of the Bechdel test

Examining the problem of inaccurate female representation in Hollywood

14 March, 2016
The UTSU, a work-in-progress

Cutting ties with the CFS is first on a lengthy accountability agenda

7 March, 2016
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