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“In the company of the reader”

An interview with Barker Fairley Distinguished Visitor, Canadian author Anne Michaels

27 October, 2014
The Nuit Blanche survival guide

The do’s and don’t’s of Toronto’s annual art festival

2 October, 2014
Charting Nuit Blanche

An interactive map with The Varsity’s top picks for Nuit Blanche

2 October, 2014
Fashion on campus: September 25, 2014

U of T students and staff describe what makes their style unique

29 September, 2014
The on-campus connoisseur

The Varsity reviews UTSG eateries for quick bites between classes

29 September, 2014
The best of Just For Laughs

The Varsity reviews the best acts of the comedy festival

28 September, 2014
Meet your frosh artist: Karl Wolf

The Varsity interviews Karl Wolf about his new album Stereotype

4 September, 2014
“Fun is a by-product of what we do”

The staff behind Hart House Theatre describes their upcoming 2014-2015 season

31 August, 2014
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