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Masters of our own design

A student’s perspective on the opportunities and risks of gene-editing

10 January, 2016
Uncovering cancer’s genetic hiding spots

U of T’s Moffat Lab has successfully mapped almost all of the genes necessary for cell survival in the human genome

6 December, 2015
U of T Commemorates HIV/AIDS

U of T International Health Program holds commemoration at Hart House for lives lost to HIV/AIDS

6 December, 2015
From student to visionary

World-renowned researcher behind CRISPR-Cas9 and optogenetics technologies, Dr. Feng Zhang visits with U of T’s aspiring neuroscientists

15 November, 2015
In conversation with Dr. Amy Caudy

Molecular genetics professor discusses the breakthroughs happening in her lab

2 February, 2015
U of T researcher improves “spray-on” solar power

The key to making solar energy ubiquitous and affordable

12 January, 2015
Science and ethics

The inaugural Polanyi Conference examines the need for social responsibility in the scientific community

24 November, 2014
In conversation with Illan Kramer

Dr. Illan Kramer of the Sargent Group discusses the breakthrough solar cell research being conducted at U of T

24 November, 2014
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