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U of T grad student develops specs used in 2018 Olympics

The glasses function to combat blue light

24 February, 2018
Women in STEM: Diana Kraskouskaya

Chemist and UTM alumnus aims to bring innovation to drug discovery

16 February, 2018
Women in STEM: Fioralba Taullaj

UTM PhD candidate studies adamantane-based synthesis to aid drug development

11 February, 2018
Are laptop bans actually effective?

This classroom rule may overlook the complex nature of learning

5 February, 2018
A year in review: U of T scientific discoveries

Looking back at 2017’s major discoveries and steps forward

8 January, 2018
Brain drain or brain gain?

An improvement in science policy, not political leadership, is necessary to reverse the brain drain

29 October, 2017
‘Mini kidneys’ open doors to personalized medicine

Organoids made from human stem cells model polycystic kidney disease progression

15 October, 2017
The power of science communication

Samantha Yammine uses Instagram to share her research and enthusiasm for science

24 September, 2017
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