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Federal budget’s $3.2 billion investment is a win for science

More research funding means more student research opportunities

11 March, 2018
In conversation with Dr. Janet Rossant

U of T stem cell researcher is an internationally recognized woman in science

8 March, 2018
U of T grad student develops specs used in 2018 Olympics

The glasses function to combat blue light

24 February, 2018
Women in STEM: Diana Kraskouskaya

Chemist and UTM alumnus aims to bring innovation to drug discovery

16 February, 2018
Women in STEM: Fioralba Taullaj

UTM PhD candidate studies adamantane-based synthesis to aid drug development

11 February, 2018
Are laptop bans actually effective?

This classroom rule may overlook the complex nature of learning

5 February, 2018
A year in review: U of T scientific discoveries

Looking back at 2017’s major discoveries and steps forward

8 January, 2018
Brain drain or brain gain?

An improvement in science policy, not political leadership, is necessary to reverse the brain drain

29 October, 2017
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