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Can artificial intelligence transform health care?

U of T researchers are at the forefront of artificial intelligence applications

11 November, 2018
U of T commits $1.4 million to support students studying abroad

Agreement with Mitacs will foster international collaboration in academia

11 November, 2018
Crohn’s: a complex malady

Scientists face a mammoth task in pinpointing the cause of Crohn’s

10 November, 2018
Unveiling the riches of the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library’s collection

The library has an extensive collection of historical works in science and medicine

21 October, 2018
Blazes across Canada break historic records

Wildfires in Ontario continue a concerning trend of climate-related patterns

9 September, 2018
Starvation drives risky behaviour in earthworms

Undergraduate researchers at UTM explore trade-offs between safety and hunger in Lumbricus terrestris

27 August, 2018
Reacting to the Ontario provincial election results

Four student perspectives reflect hopes and fears for the new Progressive Conservative majority government

16 June, 2018
E = BTC: the energy cost of bitcoin

The model used by the digital currency is inefficient and leads to a heavy environmental burden

2 April, 2018
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