Fisher-price this ain’t

Intrepid Varsity reporter Brookes Merritt recently found himself invited to observe an adult-novelty party for women. Hot, bothered, and gleefully

French law fuels anti-Muslim sentiment

On Tuesday, January 10th, France’s National Assembly voted overwhelmingly to adopt a law banning all conspicuous religious symbols from state

Arab students raise awareness

One of the few positive outcomes of the post 9/11 anti-Arab backlash is the realization among Arab-Canadians (both Muslim and


Tuition freeze chills U of T Re: CFS: Protest not useless, Feb 23Important note: For this letter let us all

Ask SEC: He’s not gay, just curious

Hey SEC,My straight boyfriend recently confessed to me that he is interested in experimenting with another guy. I’m so confused.

Gay unions no threat to the union

Depending on how you feel about gay marriage, Gavin Newsom is either a pioneer or a rat.Newsom is the new

University not about payoff

Student debt is a reality in the realm of post-secondary education in Ontario and across Canada. It is no surprise