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Sharansky’s hypocrisy Re: “Israeli minister for Jerusalem hopes for peace”, Sept. 18, 2003. Natan Sharansky’s predictable hypocrisy shines with all

Voyages into man-sex

This is the first in a series of sexual education columns that we here at the Varsity are planning on

Marchese 1; Guergis, Pedro 0

With two weeks to go before election day, the candidates for the Trinity-Spadina riding came to test their mettle at

The biotech debate

On Aug. 29, bioethicists Margaret Somerville and James Hughes came to U of T to debate the merits of human

A few simple questions

Without a doubt, the new SAC health and dental insurance plan is an improvement over its predecessor. The new plan,


Boring Bob Re: What about Bob? Sept. 11 As a former Varsity staffer, I’m glad to be able to follow