The Annex is one of Toronto’s most famous areas. It is known for its diverse mix of patrons and businesses. If you attend UTSG, you’ve likely become acquainted with many of these places. Here is a rundown of some of the most popular spots and what they say about the people who love them.

1. Fresh

You appreciate a gluten-free/meat- free/sugar-free meal,and a cute atmosphere. You actively avoid acknowledging that OSAP isn’t meant for eating out and try to maintain an organic aesthetic for your Instagram.

326 Bloor Street West

2. El Furniture Warehouse

You appreciate cheap food, 80s music videos, an assortment of amazing tattoos, and prime selfie mirrors.

410 Bloor Street West

3. BMV Books

You are looking for a good book at a good price. You are most likely an impoverished English student that needs a place to unwind. You pride yourself in finding hidden gems.

471 Bloor Street West

4. The Common

You love good coffee, good vibes, reliable Wi-Fi, Instagram-worthy aesthetics, and conversations with real people, all wrapped up in a genuine Torontonian environment.

408 Bloor Street West

5. New Generation Sushi

You like sushi and have taste-buds. You like seeing half of your friend network in one place at any given time. New Gen is basically all you can tolerate when it comes to sushi on Bloor.

493 Bloor Street West

6. Pizza Pizza

It’s 1:00 am — you’re wasted and severely dehydrated, and you have made bad decisions, but you still have hope for the future. Pizza Pizza is a mecca for your inebriated soul.

328 Bloor Street West

7. Dance Cave (Lee’s Palace)

You enjoy the feeling of sweaty bodies pressing up against you to the beat of current tunes and throwback classics. You take advantage of free admission every Friday and Saturday for students with a valid ID.

529 Bloor Street West

8. 7/11

You really like that Beyoncé song that you’ve been listening to while stumbling home early in the morning, and you’re looking for something that will sit sweetly on your hips.

334 Bloor Street West

9. Tim Hortons

You love to converse with the people of the street and have been walking down Bloor for like an hour; now you need somewhere to pee, and it’s the only place that’s open after your sloppy night out.

455 Spadina Avenue

10. Jerk King

You have constant Caribana withdrawals and believe that you are Rihanna from the “Work” video. You’re tired of sushi and/or gluten-free/meat-free/everything-good-free food.

522 Bloor Street West

11. 24 Hour Metro

You have a penchant for grocery shopping at ungodly hours, while wondering why you aren’t in bed yet — this neighbourhood Metro is a great home for your sleepless soul.

425 Bloor Street West

12. Kops Records

Your 1995 soul is trapped in a 2016 university student’s body. Inhale the smell of stale plastic and exhale your problems. It’s perfection.

592 Bloor St West

13. Jux-ta-pose

OSAP came in late and you’re looking for a quirky gift for those special people in your life. Yes, you and your friend may end up getting each other the same thing, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

430 Bloor Street West

14. Ghazale Restaurant

You truly understand that while many shawarma joints line Bloor Steet, Ghazale is the most magical of places, tucked away into the Bloor Street Cinema that seemingly never closes.

504 Bloor Street West

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