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Board of Directors


The Varsity newspaper is published by Varsity Publications, an independent, federally incorporated, not-for-profit corporation. Every full-time student at U of T who pays the Varsity Publications levy is a member of the corporation. That includes all full-time undergraduate and graduate students. Varsity Publications’ only official link with U of T is that the university collects the levy on behalf of the corporation.

The Board of Directors is responsible for the governance and oversight of Varsity Publications, and delegates responsibility for the newspaper and other operations to the Editor-in-Chief of The Varsity. The Board usually meets monthly to discuss matter such as the corporation’s finances, governance, and oversight on the operations.

Members are welcome to attend Board meetings, please email [email protected] for the next meeting date and location.

Varsity Publications also holds two General Meetings of Members each year: a fall meeting of members around October and a spring meeting of members around April. All members of the corporation are entitled to attend and vote at these meetings.

Important Documents

Varsity Bylaws

Policies and Code of Journalistic Ethics

Financial Statements

Governance Policy

Board Meeting Minutes

Directors and officers


Mona Liu
[email protected]


[email protected]


Isabelle Buchanan
[email protected]


Hannah Carty
[email protected]

Board Members

Isabelle Buchanan

Shizza Malik

Simran Randhawa

Amin Kamaleddin

Maya Qadan

Mona Liu

Jacob Lorinc (Appointed)

Jaren Kerr (Appointed)