Mission statement: The Varsity is the University of Toronto’s student newspaper of record and leading source of trusted, independent journalism, serving the university community since 1880. We commit ourselves to innovation, openness, and accessibility; to the development of our contributors; and to the provision of meaningful, just coverage for our readership.

Founded in 1880, The Varsity is the University of Toronto’s award-winning paper of record and one of the oldest student newspapers in Canada. We’ve published the work of distinguished alumni such as William Lyon Mackenzie King, Naomi Klein, Linda McQuaig, Bob Rae, and many others.

The Varsity is available in print on stands across U of T every Monday and online at thevarsity.ca, which is updated throughout the week with new content. We are U of T’s only tri-campus news publication, serving the St. George, Mississauga, and Scarborough campuses.

We have seven sections, and they are always looking for new contributors — news, comment, features, arts, sciencesports, and business & labour. For more information on how to get involved, please visit our volunteer page.

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Archives of issues published since July 2011 are available on our Issuu page. The rest of our archives can be found on microform at the Media Commons in Robarts Library, and online in searchable, digitized form on archive.org.

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