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Apply to be part of The Varsity’s Sports Documentary!

The Varsity’s Sports section will be filming a bi-weekly documentary series focusing on the Varsity Blues men’s hockey team over […]

14 September, 2018
There was no place like this, any place!

In photos: the demolition of Honest Ed’s

4 December, 2017
In what way will university life be different in 30 years?

Members of the U of T community speculate

5 October, 2015
Science in brief

A round-up of research making headlines at U of T

5 October, 2015
One student’s struggle with mental health services

U of T’s mental health services are failing to adequately treat affected students

10 March, 2014
Contentious anti-feminism lecture met with protest

U of T allegedly grants hosts free use of theatre, as Trinity dean warns students to stay away

11 March, 2013
Rat brains speak to each other

Researchers at Duke University have created the first ever brain-to-brain interface, allowing rats to send sensory and motor information to […]

10 March, 2013
UTSU Elections: Team Renew

Executive candidates’ statements

4 March, 2013
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