The Varsity’s Sports section will be filming a bi-weekly documentary series focusing on the Varsity Blues men’s hockey team over the 2018–2019 season. We will produce 10 episodes with the possibility of producing more if the Blues qualify for the OUA Playoffs. Each episode will be approximately 5–10 minutes long, and a final end-of-season 20–35 minute cut will also be

In addition to the team’s performances, we also aim to track team bonding and chemistry, and how players navigate their school commitments and team socials, where applicable.

Editors will work with the director and the producer to edit the biweekly videos. The director will assign different clips for editors to work on, such as interviews with certain figures or match footage. Editors are then required to work with the director to oversee that the final product is suitable. Honorariums will be provided.

Videographers will report to the Director and will be responsible for camera work, achieving a multi-camera shot, and assisting the directors during filming. Filming will include:
● Studio and on-location interviews;
● Training shots;
● Tactical/team meetings and gatherings;
● Matchday shots of the buildup, game, fans, and post-match;
● Players’ personal/non-hockey commitments, including school work, social life, work life;
● Location B-roll, such as the outside of stadiums, signs, and entrances of universities.

Sound Technician
The sound technician will be responsible for ensuring that sound quality during interviews, training sessions, and other shots are clear, as well as assisting the director and the videographer(s) during production. They will also need to work closely with the director and editors in post-production to ensure consistent and clear sound.

Production Assistants
Production assistants will be responsible for working with the Producer on formulating narratives during weekly planning meetings. Production assistants will also assist the team with organizing coach and player interviews, as well as B-roll and additional shots throughout the week.

If interested in applying for any of the positions, submit a résumé and cover letter addressed to Daniel Samuel at ​[email protected]​ by Friday, September 21.