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Forgoing the LSAT is only a superficial change

Harvard Law School’s decision to accept GRE scores does not expand access in the ways it claims

26 March, 2017
The merits of campus involvement

Why engagement in extracurriculars is integral to a positive university experience

5 March, 2017
Rewriting history or recognizing it?

Reactions to the Decolonising SOAS campaign align with the need to critically confront Eurocentrism within university curricula

5 February, 2017
Examining the equity hierarchy

Ignoring elitism in equity discourse is part of a growing issue in campus activism

15 January, 2017
Whose shared values?

Examining the repercussions of Trump’s election for Canadians

20 November, 2016
The Hillary Clinton effect

Examining the repercussions of misogyny in politics and the media

23 October, 2016
Playing the patriotism card

Accusing protesters of being unpatriotic is a devious way of suppressing dissent

25 September, 2016
Where is our Iraqi flag filter?

Disproportionate media and public attention granted to certain tragedies reflects the valuing and humanization of some lives over others

17 July, 2016
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