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Religion and sports: unfathomable feelings and community

The first of three pieces on the connection between religion and sports

18 November, 2013
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Penn Jillette talks atheism

Showman stops at U of T as part of book tour

4 November, 2013
U of T responds to Loretto investigation

Following two weeks of silence, U of T answers some questions on controversial all-women’s residence

21 October, 2013
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Change to residence guarantee needed in light of Loretto

U of T needs to acknowledge Loretto’s religious character

21 October, 2013
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Christian residence only option for some

The Varsity investigates Loretto College, a private residence affiliated with St. Michael’s College

7 October, 2013
Panel of visiting experts engages students in discussion on drone warfare

APSS and Victoria College host the Keith Davey Forum on Public Affairs

7 October, 2013
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In good faith

Exploring interfaith dialogue on campus and the importance of forgiveness

7 October, 2013
Suresh Sriskandarajah and Sri Lanka’s history of violence

Domestic threat pales in comparison to Sri Lankan government’s conduct

7 October, 2013
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