Working at The Varsity has been one of the most rewarding experiences available to U of T students since 1880. Whether you are based downtown at the St. George campus, in Mississauga, or Scarborough, working at the paper provides you with endless opportunities to practice and develop essential skills while being at the centre of one of the most interesting and diverse student communities in the country.

Whether you write, edit, illustrate, take photos, shoot video, design, or code, The Varsity is always looking for new voices and skills to tell the stories that matter to students. If you’re interested (and you know you are) do yourself a favour and fill out the form below. If you’re more into the direct approach, send an editor an email, or drop by our offices on the second floor of 21 Sussex Ave. and come work with us, we promise its a lot of fun.

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Answers to several frequently asked questions can be found on our FAQ page.

Visit our writing tips page if you are not familiar with how writing for newspapers differs from writing an essay. We have gathered a list of the most common mistakes and misconceptions. More extensive tips can be found in our Contributors’ Handbook.


Writers and copy-editors should also refer to The Varsity‘s Style Guide.

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Masthead contacts

News Editor

Iris Robin

Are you interested in journalism? Conducting interviews? Improving your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills? Consider joining The Varsity’s news team. The news team consists of volunteer reporters and researchers from UTSG, UTM, and UTSC. Since 1880, the largest student newspaper in Canada has set the agenda on campus for students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Readers look to The Varsity’s news team for insights and updates on all things U of T, including profiles on student-run entrepreneurial ventures, analysis of university finances, debriefings on campus elections, and insight on student issues. The news team brings our readers stories that matter. For our most dedicated reporters and budding journalists, there are also opportunities to conduct investigative fieldwork, and take on leadership roles. No previous experience is required — all you need is a passion for writing. Training and editorial support is available for all interested contributors.

Comment Editor

Victoria Wicks

Do you have opinions? Are your friends sick of listening to them? Then the comment section is the place for you! Comment offers you the opportunity to share your opinions on the issues that matter to you. Comment writers take a position in their articles and then argue for their point of view. Topics range from news analysis to more conceptual opinion pieces on student life at U of T and beyond. Our goal is to provide U of T with commentary and opinions on relevant issues. So send in pitches — we want to know what you think.

Features Editor

Alex McKeen

Features is looking for talented, creative writers ready for a bigger stage. If you’ve got an idea for an article that requires space for development — whether it’s long-form writing or a visual-based piece, or want to write a feature but are lacking inspiration — get in touch! The articles in the features section can be connected to The Varsity’s other sections, but also include writing on topics that avoid easy categorization, yet are relevant to U of T’s students and community. The section provides contributors with the unique opportunity to create in-depth articles and to be involved in each stage of production from pitching to visual design. The Features section also includes The Varsity’s magazine editions, published once each semester, which are inspired by a central theme and provide an opportunity for contributors to showcase their skills with comprehensive writing and innovative design.

Arts & Culture Editor

Jacob Lorinc

U of T is situated within one of Canada’s largest artistic cities. If you’re interested in exploring the cultural and creative offerings of your city and your campus, then this is the section to write for. Coverage spans from weekly reviews of music, film, and events, to festivals like TIFF, Riot Fest, and The Word on the Street. You’ll have the chance to interview up-and-coming artists and to attend events all over the city. The section also features articles that take an in-depth look at the different communities that exist within our own campus, as well as living arts pieces where writers tackle activities from student cooking to spoken word poetry. Dedication and a willingness to learn are the only things necessary to write for Arts, and guidance is available for every step of the writing and editing process.

Science Editor

Nadezhda Woinowsky-Krieger

The Science section is looking for enthusiastic and committed student writers interested in covering a wide variety of topics related to science and technology. The section includes current U of T research, interviews with professors, aspects of undergraduate science and engineering life, and technology news. We are also interested in creating video content such as grad student interviews or lab tours. U of T is one of the world’s best research institutions and The Varsity’s Science section brings news straight from the test tubes of great researchers to our readers on all three campuses.

Sports Editor

Emma Kikulis

The Sports section of The Varsity reports on the Varsity Blues and other U of T athletics, athletics in the community that affect U of T students, and general health and fitness topics. Potential writers do not need to have experience writing about sports, health, or fitness, and do not need an in-depth knowledge of all sports covered in The Varsity. Rather, writers must have a desire to constantly learn and develop the journalistic skills that are involved in sports writing. Writers will work on game recaps, player profiles, creative features, and much more.

Photo Editor

Mallika Makkar

Are you interested in photography? More importantly, are you interested in immortalizing events and people? Get involved with The Varsity by shooting for us. Little to no experience? That’s ok — your photo department is here to help. Come at me, shutterbugs!

Design Editor

Lisa Wong

Do you want to be a layout wizard? A magical master of margins? The design section of The Varsity is right up your alley. Come in, learn about newspaper layout, and help design the finest piece of media on campus.

Senior Copy Editor

Sean Smith

The goal of the copy editing team is to publish a paper free of errors, grammatical or factual, and to ensure that The Varsity’s style is consistent in each article. Copy editing is done with reference to The Varsity‘s Style Guide, which outlines how The Varsity uses language and punctuation to create our signature tone and style. The copy editing team is also responsible for fact-checking, which means verifying that quotes, facts, and figures reported in an article are true by confirming with reliable sources. Volunteers are needed for in-office production Saturdays and Sundays, as well as for online copy editing during the week.

Illustrations Editor

Julien Balbontin

Let “heading back to the drawing board” be a good thing! Join The Varsity’s illustrations team to draw visuals for articles and have your work distributed online, in print, or both. Varied styles are welcome!

Video Editor

Shaq Hosein

If you love watching videos and think you’d like to make them too, then Video is the section for you. Video at The Varsity covers a range of topics — from news, to science, to arts and more — both on campus and in the wider scope of the city and all it has to offer. If you’ve ever wanted to share your experiences and interests through the wonderful format of videography, send me an email and we’ll make some movie magic together!

Managing Editor

Sarah Niedoba (

Managing Online Editor

James Flynn (

Creative Director

Margaux Parker (