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Who really cares that your last philosophy paper was a brilliant insight on the human condition? Think about it. The only people to see your master works are you, your professor, and (if you’re lucky) a couple of your bored and retired relatives.

Now think about writing for a paper that distributes 20,000 copies across three campuses every week.

Writing for The Varsity is one of the cheapest thrills on campus. It means becoming an instant expert on all kinds of issues, being one of the most well-informed students on campus, and putting your perfectly-honed research skills to work informing the 70,000-odd members of the U of T community on everything from Hart House to human rights.

We have six sections, and they’re always looking for writers. In addition, we’re also constantly on the hunt for photographers, designers, and copy editors. See below for more information about each section section and the editor’s email address. Once you’ve figured out how you like to contribute, just get in touch with that specific editor. Feel free to email more than one editor.

Got a question? Email us at editor@thevarsity.ca.


Contributor’s Handbook


Writers and copy-editors should also refer to The Varsity‘s Style Guide.


Masthead contacts


News Editor

James Flynn (news@thevarsity.ca)

The Varsity‘s news section is assembled by a team of volunteer reporters, and researchers from all three campuses. For 132 years, the largest student newspaper in Canada has been setting the agenda on campus for students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Readers look to The Varsity’s newsroom for insights and updates on all things U of T, whether that be debriefings on college politics and campus elections, missives from our sister campuses at Scarborough and Mississauga, or dispatches from the corridors of power at Simcoe Hall. The news team must bring our readers the stories that matter; for our most dedicated reporters and budding journalists, there will be opportunities to conduct investigative fieldwork. Join the news team today – no experience required! Training and editorial support will be provided to all interested contributors.

Comment Editor

Alec Wilson (comment@thevarsity.ca)

Do you have opinions? Are your friends sick of listening to them? Then the comment section is the place for you! Comment offers you the opportunity to share your opinions on the issues that matter to you. Comment writers take a position in their articles and then argue for their point of view. Topics can range from university affairs to international politics and anything in between.  Our goal is to provide U of T with commentary and opinions on relevant issues. So send in pitches – we want to know what you think.

Features Editor

Samantha Relich (features@thevarsity.ca)

Features is looking for talented, creative writers ready for a bigger stage. If you’ve got an idea for an article that requires space for development — whether it’s long-form writing or text interspersed with eye-catching visuals and graphics — get in touch! Features includes articles connected to The Varsity’s other sections, or writing on topics that avoid easy categorization but that are relevant to U of T’s students and community. This year we’re looking for articles that link with online content, from videos to audio recordings and beyond. Features also includes The Varsity’s Magazine editions, special issues filled with graphics and in-depth writing inspired by a central theme.

Arts & Culture Editor

Sarah Niedoba (arts@thevarsity.ca)

The Varsity‘s Arts and Culture section is a window into a world of creativity, where one can find respite from even the dreariest weeks of exam season. The section features profiles of student artists and reviews of the plays, gallery displays and campus events that enrich student life at U of T. Arts writers also sound off on buzz-worthy films, books, movies and music, and point readers towards those artistic gems that lie a bit off the beaten track. The section regularly includes interviews with a range of different artists (sometimes even famous ones), and Arts writers have the opportunity to explore and review the many artistic events that take place in the city, from Nuit Blanche to Canadian Music Week.

Science Editor

Jasleen Arneja (science@thevarsity.ca)

The Science section covers a wide variety of topics related to science and technology. The section includes current U of T research, professor interviews, aspects of undergrad science and engineering life, and technology news. We occasionally feature photo tours of labs, and are interested in creating video content such as grad student interviews or lab tour videos. U of T is one of the world’s best research institutions and the Science section is brings news straight from the test tubes of the world’s greatest researchers to our readers on all three campuses.

Sports Editor

Elizabeth Benn (sports@thevarsity.ca)

The Sports section of The Varsity reports on the Varsity Blues, intramural sports, other athletics at U of T, and athletics in the community that affect U of T students. Potential writers do not need to have experience writing on sports, or an in-depth knowledge of all the sports that are played at U of T or covered in The Varsity. Rather, writers must have a desire to constantly learn and develop their journalistic skills that are involved in sports writing. Writers will work on game recaps, player profiles, creative features, and much more.

Photo Editor

Jennifer Su (photo@thevarsity.ca)

Are you interested in photography? More importantly, are you interested in immortalizing events and people? Get involved with The Varsity by shooting for us. Little to no experience? That’s ok — your photo department is here to help. Come at me, shutterbugs!

Design Editors

Kawmadie Karunanayake & Mari Zhou (design@thevarsity.ca)

Do you want to be a layout wizard? A magical master of margins? The design section of The Varsity is right up your alley. Come in, learn about newspaper layout, and help design the finest piece of media on campus.

Copy Editors

Lucy Genua & Rose Tornabene (copy@thevarsity.ca)

The goal of the Copy Editing team is to publish a paper free of errors (grammatical or factual) and to ensure that The Varsity’s style is consistent in each article. Copy editing is done with reference to The Varsity Style Guide, which all copy editors will receive. The Varsity Style Guide outlines how we use language and punctuation to create The Varsity’s signature tone and style. The copy editing team also verifies that quotes, facts, and figures reported in articles are true by confirming with reliable news sources.

Illustrations Editor

Julien Balbontin (illustration@thevarsity.ca)

Let “heading back to the drawing board” be a good thing! Draw visuals for articles and have your work distributed online, in print, or both. Join our illustrations team! Varied styles welcome!

Video Editor

Jamie Wang (video@thevarsity.ca)

Videos. Many of us watch them everyday. They’re pretty good. After watching a few, have you ever said to yourself: “You know what? I would enjoy making videos as well. And I think I would be quite alright at it.”? If you do say these things, then you should turn your words to action and stop by.

Production Manager

Catherine Virelli (production@thevarsity.ca)

Managing Online Editor

Shaquilla Singh (online@thevarsity.ca)