What is The Varsity?

The Varsity is U of T’s largest and oldest campus publication, as well as the largest student newspaper in Canada. Founded in 1880, The Varsity distributes 20,000 print copies across U of T’s three campuses every week during the academic year and maintains a strong online presence at thevarsity.ca and on social media, as well as publishing an annual student handbook and two magazines each year.

Where is The Varsity?

The Varsity is located in Sussex Clubhouse at 21 Sussex Ave. on the second and third floors. The video, web, and news offices are on the second floor, along with the newsroom, where section meetings and weekend copy-editing are held. The business, photo, design, and editor-in-chief offices are on the third floor. Office hours are held on the second floor, usually in the newsroom, unless the editor has an individual office.

How can I contribute to The Varsity?

Very simply! We are always looking for writers, copy-editors, photographers, illustrators, designers, and videographers. If you know which section you want to volunteer for, get in touch with the editor by email or by dropping into their office hours. You can read more about the sections here. Feel free to get in touch with more than one editor.

Still not sure which section (or sections) interests you? Email editor@thevarsity.ca for assistance.

I don’t know what to write about.

No problem. Some editors will send out pitches to writers on their email lists, which you can get on by contributing to their section. Editors will also be happy to help you if you visit their office hours or send them an email, either by pitching assignments to you or developing pitches with you.

Do I need previous experience to contribute?

Nope. We’re all student journalists — we’re here to learn. The Varsity is both the student newspaper, and the central venue for students at U of T to learn and practice journalism. Editors are there to assist and teach you, and regular section meetings include training and sessions with professional journalists.

When are section meetings?

Section meetings are held regularly at The Varsity’s offices at 21 Sussex Avenue, on the second floor in the newsroom. You can get information about these meetings by emailing the editor to get on their email list.

Who edits my article?

Each article is edited several times before publication. First, the section editor will edit it, which sometimes involves sending it back to the writer for changes. Next, articles are edited by two copy editors, and then fact-checked by two fact checkers. After that, they’re edited by the Senior Copy Editor and then by the Editor-in-Chief. If you’re interested in copy-editing or fact-checking, be in touch with our Senior Copy Editors.

How do I become Varsity staff?

Contributors who make six contributions during one year earn staff status. Those with staff status are entitled to run for masthead positions, vote in masthead elections, and are credited as Varsity Staff in the paper. Staff can also be in touch with the Photo Editor to have their picture taken for their author page on thevarsity.ca.

What is The Varsity Magazine?

The Varsity publishes one magazine per semester. Unlike newspaper editions, the magazines are not organized by sections, but rather showcase exceptional, in-depth writing inspired by a central theme. Magazine articles are written in various different lengths and forms and are complimented by outstanding design in the unique magazine format. You can learn more about The Varsity Magazine by contacting the magazine editor at features@thevarsity.ca.

I want to send a letter to the editor.

Send letters to comment@thevarsity.ca. Please keep letters under 250 words. Letters may be edited for length and clarity and may be published at our sole discretion.

If you disagree with an opinion article, you can always pitch an article arguing for your opinion. Opinion pitches can also be sent to comment@thevarsity.ca.

I have more questions.

No problem! We’d be happy to answer them. Please be in touch at editor@thevarsity.ca.