Atheism is religion in denialContrary to Richard Lis’ assertions, it is atheism that is religion in denial, not the other way around (Religion is atheism in denial, Sept. 24). The same criticisms Lis makes of religion can be made of university, of government and of business. Angry outbursts about religion and God usually indicate a once-deep faith that has been disabused. This is too bad, because the philosophical underpinnings of religion are what life is all about—ultimate questions of life and death, the temporal and eternal, reward and damnation. It is an incredibly interesting study. The religion of Scientology is about knowledge that leads to an understanding of the reality around us and our role in it. It is about spiritual enlightenment.It is so valuable to me personally that it would be a hard time envisaging my life without it. A university education is about being exposed to new ideas and making up one’s own mind about them. It would be a disservice not to let students a U of T enjoy Evolution of a Science by L. (Lafayette) Ron Hubbard that has been advertised in the pages of The Varsity. Reverend Al ButtnorNaked News bites backHello! Our cast and myself were quite pleased to see the recent cover of The Varsity (Sept. 24). Upon reading the editorial, I noticed a substantial error. The paragraph opens, “Naked News is an Internet porn website.” This statement is incorrect and strongly contradictory to our production mandate.Naked News is simply the news presented naked. Although our site may at times advertise other adult sites, we do not brand our program as pornography in any way whatsoever. If you take a moment to view our program, you will notice that each day we present serious news, up-to-date facts, and entertainment, with a twist—our anchors report in the nude. Never will you see any displays of vulgarity or anything sexually explicit. Our program is sexy, but definitely not sex. This is an image we have worked to maintain, and it is an image we are proud of.Lily Kwan, WebCaster/On-Location Reports, Naked News/NBN Inc
Medical Arts Building proposal needs a check-upI am finding it increasingly difficult to continue my personal and financial support for the University of Toronto. How can the university, in good conscience, evict medical professionals from the Medical Arts Building and convert it to faculty offices?The Medical Arts Building is one of the last community-based healthcare facilities in central Toronto. The professionals there serve more than 200,000 patients, many of them elderly, infirm, or physically challenged. Where will these people find alternative health care facilities in an overburdened system?The University of Toronto has alternatives that would demonstrate community leadership and turn an untenable situation into a win for all concerned. The university could free up space for faculty offices by using some of the commercial space it currently has under development, or by relocating the University of Toronto’s Health Centre to the Medical Arts Building. So why does the university not act? Has it lost touch with the people who have helped build a great school? To date, the university continues to ignore the wishes of many alumni, financial supporters and residents of the surrounding communities.I urge the university to reconsider this foolish course of action.Joseph S. Druck, D.D.S.

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