On Thursday a press conference was held by the National Football League and the CIS. Its main purpose was to hype the upcoming football season in the CIS and to get people excited about the “Road to the Vanier Cup.”

The CIS paraded last year’s Hec Crighton winner, Golden Gael Tommy Denison, who was the only quarterback to throw for more than 3,000 yards in one season. He also broke the record for the most passing yards in a single game with 561.

The “Ultimate Weapon,” Randall Cunningham (Eagles, Vikings), was the main attraction for most. “I am here representing the NFL,” he told the gathering of athletes, media, and fans. “This is my first opportunity to get to Canada. It’s pretty awesome…the NFL is really pushing to get some more Canadian players.”

Cunningham ended his speech by telling football fans in Canada to “keep supporting the NFL.” He also added that he has been supporting the CFL for a long time, ever since his buddy Damon Allen started playing up here.

A memorable moment at the event was “Terrible” Terry Tate the Reebok spokesperson handing out bobble heads for tricks. One spectator beat boxed, another did 48 push-ups to earn a bobble head.

The CIS must be nothing short of ecstatic with the partnership it is forming with the NFL. The 2003 Vanier Cup will hopefully see a packed SkyDome on game day, Saturday, Nov. 22.

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