10-year-olds booted from class

In September 2006, twin brothers Douglas and Sebastien Foster enrolled in a University of Ottawa activism course along with their mother, Wendy. Although they paid fees and received student cards, they were expelled three weeks later when the university realized they were only 10 years old. Their mother has now filed a complaint with the Ontario Human Rights Commission, citing age discrimination against her sons.

Tuition relief-for some

On Friday, the province of Nova Scotia announced an income tax credit for students who remain in the province to work after they graduate. Nova Scotia currently has the highest undergraduate tuition fees in Canada, and critics say that the $1,000 tax credit will not make an impact on student debt.

Housing scam at McGill

Some students in Montreal are paying thousands of dollars in illegal “finder’s fees” in order to secure rental units near the McGill campus, the McGill Daily reports. The fees have been known to rise as high as $10,000, and the housing office says that in many cases the outgoing tenants are asking for the money as a reimbursement for the costs they had to pay to move in. They add that it is very difficult for the victims to take legal action in such situations.
-Amy Smithers

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