Four instances of indecent exposure at U of T have been reported in the past two months. Campus police believe that the same person is responsible for all four incidents, three on St. George between Bloor and College, and one at Hart House.

The suspect is described as a white male around 35 years old; 5’8″; about 142 lbs; with short dark hair; small dark eyes; thick eyebrows; facial hair (stubble); and a raspy voice. He was seen in a navy toque and a navy hoodie with the hood up.

“We are actively investigating this,” said Sam D’Angelo, campus police operations manager. He said he does not believe U of T is being “targeted, per se.”

“We’re a city campus, open, and surrounded by many types of socio-economic buildings. It’s a convenient place for all types of individuals,” he said.

D’Angelo advises students not to engage with the individual and to contact campus police as soon as possible if they believe they have seen him. He added, “If you feel safe, and are at a safe distance, try to get a photo of him.”

Campus Community Police can be reached at 416-978-2323 or [email protected]