University of Toronto residence buildings are being used to house University Staff and Campus Police during the G20. On Thursday The Varsity spotted people entering Morrison Hall, a residence affiliated with University College.

“We’re sticking around,” said one worker interviewed as he was leaving the building. “We’re looking after a few things around the building.”

Students residing in the constituent colleges were required to leave residence by 6pm Wednesday. Those interviewed told The Varsity they had moved in later that evening.

UTSU President Adam Awad had received reports that New College Residence was being used for G20 accommodation, but was unaware that Morrison Hall was also being used. When questioned, Awad claimed that members of the administration denied that any residence was being used for G20 accommodation.
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“We had a meeting and we said we heard reports that people were being housed in residence. Their response was no there’s not going to be anyone there; we’re changing the locks because that’s what we do.”

After learning that The Varsity had acquired images of people entering and exiting residence buildings, UofT Spokesperson Laurie Stephens confirmed that UofT staff and Campus Police are being housed on campus. She was unsure as to whether any buildings in addition to Morrison Hall are being used.

Nona Robinson, the Dean of Students for University College, was reached by phone on holiday, but refused to comment.