An online feud between outspoken young Liberals Zach Paikin and Max Naylor last month drew attention to the fractured state of affairs the party finds itself in after last year’s disastrous election.

Naylor, son of University of Toronto president David Naylor, published an extensive blog post bashing Zach Paikin, 20, a McGill student vying to become the Liberal Party’s new National Policy Chair and the son of TVO anchor Steve Paikin.

Naylor wrote that Paikin’s political views fall on the far right, citing that his opponent works for “a right-wing rag,” the Prince Arthur Herald, and his alleged penchant for “[cutting] ties as he continues to waltz further right.”

Paikin declined to issue a personal response, but his director of communications later released a statement affirming that the candidate still desires to hold the Liberal’s National Policy Chair position.

With files from The Grid.

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