Forms of military service could soon be introduced in Canadian universities and colleges through the Canadian National Leadership Program (CNLP), according to “Answering The Call: The Future Role of Canada’s Primary Reserve,” the Senate’s December 2011 interim report.

The program is geared towards undergraduates and students enrolled in it would take part in a variety of leadership and military training courses.

Rob Roy and John Richmond of Breakout Educational Network, a non-profit organization that will integrate CNLP into the Canadian education system, suggested that the program would “connect Canadians with their military” and provide “hands-on, tangible leadership training.”

Chief of Reserves and Cadets, Rear-Admiral Bennett, advocated the CNLP proposal.

“There is no question about the value of engaging Canadians in a leadership experience expanding their leadership abilities,” he said.

The pilot project is estimated to cost $1.6 million a year and will involve 50 students.

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