In a time when auto-tuned voices haunt the music industry, there is a soft and silky siren that stands out and recalls a time when music was solely based upon a voice and some humble instruments — and it is Loom. Her minimalistic yet powerful album, appropriately named Epyllion (the ancient Greek word for a narrative poem), transcends the loud and busy city of Toronto and forces us to slow down and listen to her “teach you some truth” in “There Is Blood In My Body.” Similar to an epyllion, her songs are short epic poems too sweet to give up; rather than suffocating or muffling, the wurlitzer and synth of “Grown” add to her voice. Her ending song “Dream Doe” leaves a thirst for more softly sung tales. Listen to them on the subway and return to nature with Loom — remember to turn the volume up for the full effect.