In all likelihood, by the time you reach university, you will have accumulated a hefty stock of school supplies. You’ve got pens and pencils, erasers and white-out, and you might even have a laptop. But these standard necessities are best supplemented by a roster of other supplies that you can’t find at Office Depot. For those who aren’t in the know, here’s what you really need to make it through the semester:


Neck pillow 

Necessary for ensuring your comfort and ability to nap during those three-hour marathon lectures in Con Hall. Also consider purchasing neutral coloured ear buds and a hoodie to cover them, so you can stealthily lull yourself to sleep with soothing music during class.




For your caffeine supply.


TV series

It’s critical to have all the seasons of any given TV show downloaded and ready for any time something needs to be done for school. You will likely need an absurd amount of these shows over the course of the year to help you procrastinate.


Complimentary campus maps 

For the throngs of lost first-years.

Complaints about school

Complaints like, “Man, ROSI really screwed me, once again,” or, “Just back to school and I already have three essays due next week” are essential for bonding with other students. Such laments will surely prompt similar bouts of kvetching from your peers, and are a great way to break the ice when you’re looking to make new friends.


A touch of hipster 

A messenger bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses (or better yet, Ray-Ban glasses), a vintage-looking bike, and a plaid shirt are key to looking cool.


Pictures from summer break

Show these to people (who cares if you annoy them?) and recapture your summer mood when the back-to-school blahs start to get you down. Also consider buying a beach towel to lie on while you’re between classes.



For the moment the reality of being back to school hits.