I was well on my way to watch the U of T women’s fastpitch team play a double header against the York Lions before I was alerted that Mother Nature didn’t feel like letting the girls play ball. Instead she had decided to flood their field.

I was rather disappointed, to say the least, because the team is shaping up well this year. In particular, I was excited to see how the blend of Varsity Blues rookies, like Bermuda native JayLynn Hines, mix with veteran talent, like Danielle Ridout, who has returned for her 7th season.

Inspired by this gutpunch of a game, I have compiled seven things to do during a rainout—one for every inning of a Blues fastpitch game.


            1. Think about the good things in life, like being a Toronto Blue Jays fan.
            2. Regret leaving your umbrella at your friend’s house.
            3. Find enough tarp to cover the field — university fields do not spring for such amenities.
            4. Proceed to attempt to convince someone to join you in performing the baseball equivalent of the Crocodile Mile.
            5. If you have been carefully saving your data for a rainy day, spoil yourself with a smartphone Netflix session on your way home, courtesy of your brand new BlackBerry Z10™.
            6. Refer to Mother Nature as Bud Selig and question her motivation for suspending your game.


Good news: the game is set to be rescheduled for October 9, barring Hurricane Selig rearing its bespectacled head.

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