The Varsity spoke to students at Victoria College about instructor's controversial remarks

David Gilmour’s comments have sparked conversation across campus, from faculty and administrators distancing themselves, to students rallying in protest. The Varsity went to Victoria College to gauge the reaction from students on the street.



Samantha | Third-year, Aboriginal Studies and Diaspora & Transnational Studies

“I find David Gilmour’s comments incredibly offensive and I hope that the university takes proper disciplinary action. I would encourage students in his class to boycott his lectures.”




Sarosh | Fifth-year, Life Sciences

“If he doesn’t like women writers, their work, or Chinese people’s, then that’s his right, you don’t have to like it.”



Sinmi | Fourth-year, Political Science and Book & Media Studies

“It’s a dangerous comment to make, as a professor. At a school where you have students from all over the world, with different backgrounds and beliefs, that’s just not respectful.”



Patrick | Second-year, English and Book & Media Studies

“Responding to his comments, it is okay to be selective in your own manner but to impose that on your students is not advisable. It might be more harmful than do good for those students.”



Ben | Second-year, Evolutionary Biology

“I don’t think any faculty member should be making comments like that, because it doesn’t convey a message that is positive towards people of different backgrounds or gender, or even sexual preference.”



Andie | First-Year, English

“That sounds like an awful course… I would never take a class by someone so sexist, because the way that he teaches and his beliefs are going to be affected by that.”

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