Three free, easy-to-use apps

We review three free, easy-to-use fashion apps



Thumbs down

WebPros: This is the 2013 answer to Cher’s “way normal” computerized closet in Clueless, except you have your iPhone instead of a computer and the app doesn’t already come preloaded with your closet in its memory. The app’s interface is very similar to that of most photo-based apps, so users should have no problem getting used to Cloth if they have used apps like Instagram before.

Cons: You are your own worst critic, and you judge whether or not your outfit actually works. The app does encourage you to share your daily outfit snaps with the rest of your social media networks — such as Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr — by awarding points for every outfit uploaded and shared. It’s a nice touch, because it turns the organization app into a game, but there are no bragging rights associated with being a “Blog Baron” or “Facebook Fiend.”



Thumbs up

Pros:  The interface is beautiful and simple, and it manages to deliver quite a bit of information in a manner that’s not too cluttered. Pose uses users’ Facebook and location information in order to personalize their feed. Users have the option to follow a number of “posers” from different categories — men’s style, plus-size style, and celebrities and stylists, to name a few. The “what to wear” option makes the app more useful by giving users outfit suggestions based on weather, location, or occasion. Pose’s user relevance ensures that it’s not just another time wasting app.

Cons: The app is a bit slow while loading certain pages, especially profiles with over 100 poses. Some of the posts don’t show up in the stream immediately.



Thumbs up

Pros: Figr is a fun dress-up app for the smartphone set. It’s a no-bullshit, no-strings-attached app that doesn’t come with promises to “revolutionize” the way you organize your closet. You simply swipe through the choices until you’re satisfied and once you’re done, you upload your outfit onto the Figr stream. The simple interface is easy to figure out; once you’re signed up, you’re pretty much good to go. The app exercises your creativity, and users will quickly learn that inspiration comes best from within and not from outside sources.

Cons: The app crashed on me several times while I tried to sign up with my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Although I had no problem with the app while I was creating outfits, there were a few slow moments when I decided to browse other users’ Figrs.


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