Classes officially end on December 4 for University of Toronto students. With final examinations starting on December 9 and ending December 20, students are given five days to prepare for a two-week stretch of intense and stressful studying.

Many on-campus organizations recognize the value of taking breaks to de-stress. Clubs such as the Arts & Science Student Union and University College Literary and Athletic Society are hosting pre-season events for students to relax and prepare themselves before the start of examinations.

Other clubs believe that a change in a student’s study environment can be a great way for them to prepare for their tests and connect with other exhausted peers. Rooms all over campus, ranging from the Innis Residence Events Room to Woodsworth’s Kruger Hall, are being converted into open study spaces in preparation for exam season.

The University of Toronto is offering a wide variety of exam de-stress and test preparation events. These events are free for all U of T students, and are a great way to relax or review for your exams this year.




Innis Exam Jam

Coordinator: Innis Residence Council


December 1: Innis Residence Council Potluck

5:00 pm, Innis Residence Events Room

December 2: Yoga with Jenny

7:00 pm, Innis Residence Events Room

December 3: Apples to Apples with Fresh Apples

7:00 pm, Innis Residence Fish Bowl

December 4: Video Game Breather Night

9:00 pm, Innis Residence fourth Floor, TV Room

December 5: Skate’n Create

5:00 pm, Varsity Arena

December 6: Post-it Note Art and parfaits

2:00 pm, Innis Residence Events Room

December 11-19: Open Study Space

The Residence Events Room will convert into a 24-hour study space with hot beverages and healthy snacks for all students. This conversion will last the entire exam season.


The Innis Exam Jam includes a host of recreational activities meant to help all University of Toronto students cope with exams, and opens up Innis Residence as a space for studying.


University of Toronto Mississauga Exam Jam

Coordinator: UTM Health & Counselling Faculty Centre


December 4: Exam Jam

University of Toronto Mississauga (UTM) will be holding a campus-wide Exam Jam.

The event will feature instructor-led study sessions for subjects including biology, sociology, and linguistics. Seminars that focus on answering multiple-choice questions and writing essays and short answer questions will also be provided.

The classes will be held across Mississauga campus. Class-specific details can be found on UTM Exam Jam’s Facebook page.


The day-long event combines study-intensive review sessions with engaging activities that aim to maintain students’ mental health throughout the exam period. The faculty hopes that these events will establish healthy exam habits for years to come.




Newman Centre Catholic Chaplaincy exam prep

Coordinator: Newman Centre Catholic Chaplaincy


December 2 & December 11: Exam Season Survival Kits

Dec. 2, 4:00 pm–5:00 pm & Dec. 11,  11:00 am–12:00 pm on the corner of St. George and Hoskin, outside the Newman Centre

The survival kits contain hot chocolate, candy canes, granola bars, pencils, pens, papers, and a few jokes for students.

December 4–19: Open exam prep and study space

10:00 am–6:00 pm, Newman Centre, 89 St. George Street.

The Newman Centre will host additional study spaces with coffee and study snacks for students. These study spaces will be available Monday to Friday until the end of exam season. Exam season survival kits will also be available for pick up during these times.


The Newman Centre Study Space provides a place where students can relax and spend time with their peers. The food and survival kits are intended to assist students with the pressure of exam season.


De-stress at the Office

Coordinator: University of Toronto Muslim Students’ Association (MSA)


December 2–6: De-Stress Hour

12:00 pm-1:00 pm, 21 Sussex Avenue, Room 505.

The MSA is offering drained students a space to enjoy tea, hot chocolate, and board games. The event is a way for Uof Tstudents to connect with the club’s executive members and to foster a closer sense of community in the MSA.


With a good reception from students, the MSA is planning on making the de-stress hour a regular program throughout the spring semester. The office would be available each day of the week, and students would be able to regularly drop by for a hot drink and board games.


exam jam_NJ

The Exam Jam: review, refresh, de-stress!

Coordinator: Arts & Science Student Union (ASSU), other on-campus organizations


December 3 –5: Review Sessions

The review sessions are instructor-led study groups, generally for large first- and second-year courses in the Faculty of Arts & Science. About 20 courses are being including several courses in economics, statistics, chemistry, and biology.

December 4–19: Exam Prep and Open Study Space

The ASSU and other campus organizations are offering open exam prep spaces for students. These spaces are open to all students in all courses. Some study spaces are open at Woodsworth, Innis, and UC throughout the exam period. Over a dozen rooms in Sid Smith are available for studying between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Thursday, December 5.

December 5: Sid Smith Activity Day

A plethora of free recreational activities are available for students in Sid Smith including free massages, pet therapy sessions, button making, and various free snacks and hot chocolate.


Instructor-led review sessions are a great alternative to office hours for students who are struggling with difficult material.

Relaxing activities provide a much-needed break for tired brains.


Yoga, meditation, and art


Coordinator: University College Literary and Athletic Society (UCLit)


December 5: Yoga, Meditation, and Art

12:15 pm, Hart House East Common Room

This exam de-stressor is intended to provide students with a chance to relax with a free session of yoga and meditation, followed by food and an art session. Students are urged to bring their own yoga mats if they own one, but UCLit will provide a yoga mat for you if you do not. The yoga session will be led by Hayley Lowe, a Toronto based teacher who specializes in working with children.


Yoga can boost students’ creativity and confidence, and can be a great physical activity during a study break. This free yoga session is designed to give students an opportunity to de-stress during exams.




Cram Jam

Coordinator: Upper-Year and Full-Time Students’ Directors


December 4: Woodsworth College Students’ Association Cram Jam!

10:00 am–5:00 pm, Kruger Hall, Woodsworth College

The Cram Jam will consist of open, quiet study space for all students with free snacks and light refreshments throughout the day. Students are free to study and snack as they wish throughout the day.


The space provides an open and relaxing environment for students to catch up on their studies in time for the exam season.