Innis College Students’ Society (ICSS)

The Innis College Student Society (ICSS) elections features only one contested vice-president election. Alex Huntress-Reeve, Donna Pan and Yuto Takaoka are all vying for the position of vp finance. The rest of the executive is running unopposed. Ryan Lamers, current executive vice-president is running for president. Nicole Thompson is running for VP-internal and Khrystyna Zhuk is running for executive vice-president. To win the unopposed candidates need to receive 50 + 1 per cent of the vote. Voting runs from Monday March 17 to Friday March 21.


New College Student Council (NCSC)



New College Student Council (NCSC) candidates were announced March 13, with two candidates contesting each council position.

Bob Parry and Thomas Fung are the presidential candidates. Michael Wu and Sam Killackey are the candidates for vice-president, student services. Adriana Baiz and Laurel Chester are the candidates for vice-president, administration. Alicia Lazaro and Nick Grant are the candidates for vice-president, finance.

Most candidates placed emphasis on cooperation and coordination between all positions to run an effective student council to help all New College students.

“Student services is a relatively new position: it approves all events, oversees apparel and locker sales, and acts as a liaison between other clubs. I will push for more big budget events and student feedback,” said Michael Wu, candidate for vice-president, student services.

“VP, administration maintains an organized and connected environment at the NCSC office; I will maintain an effective dialogue between council and the rest of the New College community — from the college’s principle, to the registrar,” said Adriana Baiz, candidate for vice-president, administration.

Nick Grant, candidate for vice-president, finance, agreed that communication is key. “The VP, finance has to be able to communicate clearly and make good judgement calls to make sure council functions well. My academic career also revolves around finances.”

A Candidates Forum is scheduled for Monday, March 17 at 6:10 pm in Wilson Lounge. Voting for the NCSC is scheduled for March 18 and March 19.


Trinity College Meeting (TCM)

trinity collegeED


The campaigning period for the TCM began on March 5, with elections held for three weeks throughout March, and into the beginning of April. Patrick Andison, Sebastian Dutz, and Connor Anear are the candidates for male head of college. Stephanie Lim-Reinders and Tina Saban are the candidates for female head of college.

“I love our unique traditions, democratic student government, and the close-knit community. I would like to see greater interaction between Trinity students and Trinity fellows and alumni—they are an undervalued resource,” said Connor Anear, candidate for male head of college.

Voting in each week of elections is scheduled for March 19, March 26, and April 2, respectively.

Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council (VUSAC)




With the voting period fast approaching, candidates for VUSAC released their platforms last week. Rowan DeBues, Sebastien Hart, Nanfa Nandap, and Alice Zhu are all running for president.

Nandap plans to create a mobile application to keep students informed. “The flow of information is stagnant. Posters are inadequate, especially for commuters,” said Nandap.

DeBues said his platform is effective and efficient, without making unrealistic promises. “For many students, funding their university experience is often a challenge … I want to start working on cutting the fees that are unnecessary,” he said.

Increasing student involvement is the theme of Hart’s campaign. “I would like to introduce a system of commuter ‘houses’ based on where students are living off-campus,” his platform states.

Zhu’s campaign focuses on three areas: increasing communication between the VUSAC executive and students, reducing residence fees, and spreading mental health awareness.

Voting for VUSAC is scheduled from March 18 to March 20.


St Michael’s College Student Union (SMCSU)

Campaigning for the SMCSU president and vice-president pairing began on March 10. There are two pairs of candidates: Stephen Furgiuele and Juliano Sinopoli, and Victor Valentine and Theri Kay.

Furgiuele and Sinopoli are eager to apply skills learned from past involvement in student governance to improve the community atmosphere at St Mike’s. “Our biggest goal is to optimize student involvement and to expand the energy level we had during frosh week throughout the entire year,” Furgiuele said. The pair plans to increase support for student clubs and publish a manual of policies and procedures for new executive members.

Community-building is also the focus of Valentine and Kay’s platform. The pair plans to implement a house system similar to that of University College, communicate with students through weekly articles in the The Mike, and increase finance for clubs.

Voting for SMCSU is scheduled on March 19 and March 20.


Woodsworth College Students’ Association (WCSA)



Campaigning for the WCSA elections began on February 25 and ended with the WCSA Annual General Meeting on March 3. Mohammed Younus was elected as president. Younus ran on the same slate as Lucinda Ro, who was acclaimed as vice-president, external. All candidates agreed that approachability was a major goal for the coming year.

“I intend to improve the way in which WCSA communicates; I will implement clear policies that apply to other clubs, consulting them first so they are well represented during the board meetings,” said Ro.

Chantal Issa was acclaimed as vice-president, internal affairs. “I want to make sure the board is accessible for all Woodsworth students.”

“Students should get to know their execs, and approachability is important,” Defne Arslan, new vice-president, finance, agreed.


University College Literary and Athletic Society (UCLit)



Elections results for the UCLit were announced on March 5. Former Athletics Commissioner Leo Chen was elected president, beating the second-place candidate by nine per cent.

Newly elected vice-president Eric Schwenger said he can apply years of student governance experience to train new members and increase accountability. “Hopefully with a fresh council next year, fresh leadership, we’ll be able to bring more students in to what we do,” Schwenger said.

Newly elected athletics commissioner Matthew Thomas wants to expand the athletics committee to focus on wellness. Possible programs include morning yoga, free smoothies, and work-out boot camps.

Crystal Shu was also elected finance commissioner.

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