Update: The Starbucks at Robarts is open again. More to follow.

Students looking to get their regular caffeine fix were left disappointed yesterday after the Starbucks location at Robarts was closed following a DineSafe inspection. Originally, the Aramark-operated Starbucks received a yellow “conditional pass” designation on May 26, but that was later changed to a closed notice.

DineSafe is Toronto’s Public Health’s food safety program, which conducts regular inspections of eating establishments. After each inspection, venues are given a pass, conditional pass, or a closed notice.

According to an inspection report on the DineSafe website, the conditions for closure were a “crucial” failure to prevent a rodent infestation, and a “significant” failure to provide adequate pest control. The report notes there has been a Summons and Health Hazard Order as a result.

The inspection on the previous day concluded that there were three “significant” issues at the Robarts location, including a failure to protect against food contamination, failure to clean multi-use utensils properly, and inadequate pest control. The inspection also reported a failure to maintain sanitary surfaces, an infraction listed as “minor.”

The Starbucks has been issued a Notice to Comply, including a note that the problems will be assessed on re-inspection.

It is unknown when the Starbucks will become operational again.

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