The Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE) 3902’s Unit 1 has been left disappointed after the arbiter did not rule in its favour. The decision was released in a statement earlier today.

“Having carefully considered the submissions of the parties in their detailed briefs, reply briefs, and at the hearing, I am left to conclude that the March 18 Memorandum should be given effect without the changes being sought by the union,” the decision reads.

The March 18 Memorandum, which CUPE 3902 rejected in favour of continuing the strike, outlines the agreement between U of T and the union regarding the university’s specified and capped contributions to the The Tuition Assistance Fund and The Graduate Student Bursary Fund.

While U of T was in favour of awarding the Memorandum, CUPE 3902 wanted changes to be made before its approval. The arbiter, William Kaplan, noted that the main difference between the arguments of the two parties was the extent to which the administration would be liable in the event that the monies allocated to the two funds were insufficient.

CUPE 3902 had hoped that U of T would also assume responsibility for administering the funds, as well as guaranteeing individual entitlements.

CUPE 3902’s Unit 1 represents approximately 5,500 teaching assistants and other academic staff at the University of Toronto.

More to follow.