The Value of Higher Education by Mr. Bitar hits the mark. Canada is a nation of outstanding institutions and they challenge us to live up to the traditions that inspired their formation. Our universities stand in marked contrast to other public corporations. While many of them mobilize an above average command of the English language, and strategies of social recruitment to whitewash anything that questions their fragile egos and reputations, especially when they have self-evidently discredited themselves, the culture at our universities continues to rise above the fray. They are devoid of the kind of social tinkering that some have attributed to other organizations and circumstances.

The university instils in its students, yes, the capacity for self-learning as Mr. Bitar says, but in addition, Stoic constancy of spirit that does not relent in the pursuit of justice and sound common sense above all in the face of petty forgery into which so many other corporations with equally as fantastic a reputation have succumbed.

Andrew Fuyarchuk is a Divinity Doctoral Candidate at Trinity College.