On Tuesday, September 8, a tuition fee freeze went into effect in Alberta, as per the New Democratic Party’s election promise in March. The freeze is set to last for two years and will affect tuition for students, apprentices, non-instructional fees, and apprenticeship fees.

The freeze does not affect the cost of parking, residence, or student society levies, which may still rise.

Lori Sigurdson, Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education, said that the freeze is the first step towards making higher education more affordable. Romy Garrido, chair of the Council of Alberta University Students, and Erik Queenan, president of the Students’ Association of Mount Royal University, both praised the decision.

The province also restored funding that was previously cut and raised base funding by two per cent.

Alberta is reviewing the funding model for post-secondary institutions beginning this fall, with taxpayer funding, tuition, and funding from other sources taken into account.

— Iris Robin

With files from CBC News Alberta