The full external review of the Child, Youth and Family Gender Identity Clinic (CYF GIC) that the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) commissioned and released has recently been removed from the organization’s website. In its place is a six-page “executive summary” developed by CAMH. 

The content of the review has come under suspicion since its release. The CAMH summary alludes to the possibility that some statements included in the initial review may be been “erroneous.” According to their website, CAMH has sent a formal letter of apology to Dr. Zucker.

The replacement of the report follows Zucker’s issue of a notice of libel against The Varsity for its coverage of the Gender Identity Clinic’s services winding down.

According to CAMH, “[the] review did not happen in isolation and was not the only factor that informed our decision to wind down the CYF GIC. The review also took place in the broader context of an ongoing comprehensive internal examination of the functional operations of all of the outpatient services of CAMH’s Child Youth and Family Program in order to improve access, alignment and efficiency. Our action plan for the CYF GIC reflects this process and CAMH’s strategy going forward.” 

Regarding the active patients of the CYF GIC at the time of closure, CAMH said that “all clients and families in active treatment have been re-assigned and we appreciate the patience of all involved as we continue to make this important transition.” 

CAMH did not provide any further comment about the fact-checking issues and did not verify whether Zucker is persuing legal action against them. 

CAMH has plans intended to include members of the transgender community in any future services for children, youth, and families with gender identity issues, saying “It is our view that patients and families should be partners and co-creators in their care.” 

A group of doctors launched a petition on January 11 expressing concern over the “apparent firing” of Dr. Kenneth Zucker. It is addressed to the CAMH Board of Trustees and has 509 signatures as of the time of writing.

“We object to these actions because they appear primarily politically motivated and to have been rationalized and justified, after the fact, by public statements extremely damaging to Dr. Zucker’s professional reputation,” reads the petition. “The CAMH’s decision to post anonymous, unverified, and unexamined claims seems incomprehensible unless to bolster their shaky bases for closing the Clinic and firing (and attempting to humiliate) Dr. Zucker,” the petition continues. 

Dr. Zucker’s lawyers did not respond to The Varsity’s request for comment.