Booth & Bottle is an app conceptualized and developed by fourth-year U of T engineering student Matthew Marji. It was designed to facilitate access to the city’s nightlife which, according to Marji, “has always been a major component of our daily Toronto experience.”

The app includes a number of venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Marji and his team “wanted individuals to engage in an industry that is supported by a plethora of local businesses — both small and large — all of which contributes to Toronto’s cultural makeup.” With the app, tables or VIP booths can be booked in advance.

In addition to partnering with local venues, Booth & Bottle also has a relationship with the IBM Innovation Centre in Toronto — one of many centres throughout North America that provides small businesses with technological services designed to reach new markets.

Marji gratefully noted that because of the relationship with IBM, Booth & Bottle has been able “to engage in a wide-range of strategic partnerships,” which he hopes will help with expanding the app in the near future.

The team’s plan for expansion is being actively pursued. They intend to grow Booth & Bottle technologically, and expand its scope nationally.

In addition to easing the planning process, the app offers perks to its users. The app features a points system, where points can be earned by referring friends to the app and by making reservations and sharing them on social media. The points can then be used toward drinks, style upgrades, and free entry into clubs.

Marji’s background in engineering has helped him a great deal in developing the app. Through his schooling, he gained “the technical skills needed to develop a mobile application from scratch,” as well as “the soft skills needed to… approach and assess problems strategically [and]… to engage in an entrepreneurial environment with confidence.”

School can be stressful, and going out with friends can be a great way to relax. Booth & Bottle helps to simplify the planning of a night out. Marji summed it up best when he said that, “the memories forged throughout our four years at the university will relate the experiences shared with friends, with late-night Toronto as our backdrop.”

Correction (March 2nd, 2016): An earlier version of this article misidentified Matthew Marji.