The University of Toronto placed first in Canada, and twenty-third in the world in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings 2016.

For the past twelve years, Times Higher Education has been evaluating universities around the world based on an invitation-only academic opinion survey. Unlike Times Higher Education World University Rankings, these rankings are solely based on subjective, expert judgment.

Meric Gertler, president of U of T, stated that these ranking systems are essential because, “They provide an opportunity for us to benchmark ourselves against other universities across the world.” Gertler continued, “Externally they are a significant source of information for students and faculty.”

The University of British Columbia, ranked thirty-seventh, and McGill University, ranked thirty-ninth, are the only other Canadian universities that were included in the list.

In November 2015, Times Higher Education also ranked U of T tenth in employability of graduates. “That is one of those rankings that you really feel good about and you really want the world to take notice of,” Gertler explained.

“Having high rankings instils a sense of pride in knowing that my university is recognized,” said fourth-year student Katya Carvalho. “[It’s] nice to know [it’s] competitive and that the hard work I put into school is recognized.”

Juliana Bertosa, another fourth-year student, agreed: “When I was looking into applying for university, I chose the University of Toronto primarily because of its prestige and notoriety. If anything, it will make a degree from U of T stand out even more. It may also streamline the ability to find jobs abroad, which I think will be beneficial for our high number of international students.”