Cars on campus racked up $1.4 million in parking tickets this year. NATHAN CHAN/THE VARSITY

Using publicly available data, The Varsity has compiled statistics on all parking tickets issued at UTSG and UTSC.

The City of Toronto issued over 2 million parking tickets in 2015. Among these, 27,631 tickets with almost almost $1.3 million in fines were issued at UTSG.

The hotspots for parking tickets issued on the St. George campus were on St. George Street, King’s College Circle, Devonshire Place, and Hart House Circle.

There were 3,069 tickets issued on St. George Street, with 277 outside of Sidney Smith Hall, 266 outside of Lash Miller Chemical Laboratories, and 626 in the Robarts Library and Innis College area. Combined, the fines on St. George amounted to about $157,860.

Parking tickets were issued 1,194 times at King’s College Circle, totalling $35,790 in fines. Another 415 parking infractions were recorded on King’s College Road, which connects to King’s College Circle. In addition, Hart House Circle saw a total of 867 parking tickets, with fines amounting to $26,860.

In addition, there were more tickets issued in front of 15 Devonshire Place, the location of Trinity College’s Gerald Larkin Building, than any other address at the St. George campus. $39,850 worth of fines were issued there.

At UTSC, the city issued a total of 3,584 tickets, which amounted to $118,730 in fines. 1265 Military Trail was also the seventh most ticketed address in all of Toronto, with 2,530 tickets totalling $85,920.

The data on fines only reflects the amount initially issued; fines issued may subsequently increase if the driver fails to pay on time, or decrease if the ticket is successfully challenged in court.

The parking data release is part of the city of Toronto’s Open Data Program, and its purpose is to “make data routinely available in machine readable format for any public use.”

The catalogue includes data on parking tickets issued at UTSG  and UTSC, but not for UTM, because it is outside the city of Toronto. Although parking enforcement on campus is handled by campus police, it is the city of Toronto that collects the fines. The university’s Transportation Services has no authority to rescind parking tickets, since they are issued in accordance with the city’s by-law regulations.

Parking permits are available for purchase by both students and faculty members, while occasional visitors can purchase miscellaneous permits or use Pay & Display parking. Permits are available for purchase in either monthly, four-month, eight-month, or 12-month packages.

Parking control officers administer routine surveillance of the UTSG campus at all hours, every day. A parking ticket is then issued to vehicles not displaying either a permit or a Pay & Display receipt.

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