Aerial spikes made possible by an inflatable court and trampolines. ABRAHAM PUTHOOR/CC FLICKR

The world of sport is far more diverse than what you see offered at sports bars. This series will profile the lesser-known, the more interesting, and the downright peculiar sports that you haven’t heard of until now.

Some people feel that certain sports have reached their peak. With this in mind, many have attempted to create new sports such as baseketball, a mixture of baseball and basketball; two-hand tennis, a somewhat self-explanatory game that is essentially tennis played with two racquets; and three-sided soccer where three teams vie for goals on the same field. Now there is a new addition to that list: bossaball.

Bossaball is played between two teams, but unlike the advancements of sports that combine two already established games, this one uses components of three: volleyball, soccer, and gymnastics. Established in Spain in 2004, bossaball serves as a platform for bossa nova, a type of music that is one of the main inspirations for the sport. The referee assumes the role of DJ and serves up bossa nova music while also officiating the game.

The game is played with a volleyball net, the height of which is adjusted depending on the age of the participants, and players arrange themselves in the same alignment one would normally see at a volleyball game.

One of the components that separates bossaball from volleyball is the addition of a circular trampoline on each team’s side of the net; the added spring to their step allows athletes to reach new heights while playing. The trampolines do not cover the entire court but instead lies within a wide, inflatable, bouncy perimeter.

Bossaball also incorporates some elements of soccer; with the aid of the trampoline, bicycle kicks can be performed at six feet in the air.

The scoring of the game is not like any other sport: if the ball hits the floor of the opposing team outside of the trampoline area, one to three points can be awarded; if the ball hits the trampoline area, three to five points can be given to the scoring team.

There are several intricacies to the scoring, but as soon as a team reaches 25 points with at least a two-point lead, they win the set; the first to win two out of the three sets wins the game.

Bossaball is now being played across the world. Although it seems like a completely recreational sport, its growth in popularity it will likely make it more competitive in the coming years.

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