Editor’s note: The following is an open letter signed by members of the University of Toronto faculty. It was sent to Cheryl Regehr, Vice-President & Provost, and  Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Vice-President, Human Resources & Equity, Thursday.

We, the undersigned faculty and members of the University of Toronto, condemn recent on-campus and online incidents of transphobic and anti-Black hate speech and threats at the university. Hate speech should not be tolerated under the banner of free speech. Racist and transphobic harassment and hate speech are against U of T’s Statement on Human Rights (2012), the policy on Freedom of Speech and its Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Excellence.

We welcome the statement issued by the university administration, condemning the social media attacks on LGBTQI identified students. We call on the university administration to detail what it will do to prevent the continuation of such incidents, thus making it clear that there is no room for anti-Black and anti-transgender hate speech at the University of Toronto. We also ask what it means to create an environment in which we are not simply reacting to hate speech and threats against members of our community, and thus ensuring that we are not tacitly legitimating an atmosphere of harassment and hostility towards transgender, gender non-binary, and Black students, staff and faculty.
As faculty and members of the University of Toronto, we also commit to challenging racism and transphobia, and to building classrooms, departments, debates, and events in which transgender, gender-nonbinary, queer, Black and racialized students, staff and faculty can work and study with support and without harassment.  We stand in solidarity with colleagues and students who are standing up to these unacceptable hostile conditions for their work and study.
Aarzoo Singh, PhD student, Women and Gender Studies Institute
Abigail Bakan, Professor and Chair, SJE, OISE
Aidan Campbell, Faculty of Law, JD Candidate
Alan Galey, Associate Professor, Faculty of Information
Alejandro Paz, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, UTSC
Alessandro Delfanti, Assistant Professor, ICCIT (UTM)
Alex Hanna, Assistant Professor, ICCIT & Faculty of Information
Alex Thomson, USW1998
Alexie Tcheuyap, Professor, French
Alexis Mitchell, PhD Candidate, Geography/ SDS, Artist
Alison Syme, Department of Visual Studies
Alissa Trotz, Caribbean Studies/ WGSI
Amira Mittermaier, Religion/Anthropology
Andrea Charise, Assistant Professor, Health Studies UTSC and Graduate Dept. English
Andrea Muehlebach, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Angie Fazekas, WGSI/ SDS
Anjali Helferty, PhD Candidate, OISE, Leadership, Higher and Adult Education
Anna Korteweg, Professor and Chair, Sociology, UTM
Anne McGuire, Assistant Professor Equity Studies
Anup Grewal, Assistant Professor, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC
Arsalan Kahnemuyipour, Language Studies, UTM
Barbara Havercroft, Associate Professor, French & Comparative Literature
Beatrice Jauregui, Assistant Professor, Criminology & Socio-legal Studies
Bhavani Raman, Associate Professor, History/UTSC
Beverly Bain, Faculty, UTM Women and Gender Studies
Blake Poland, DLSPH
Bonnie McElhinny, Associate Professor, Anthropology and WGSI
Brandy Jensen, Teaching Assistant, Women’s and Gender Studies, UTSC
Brenda Cossman, Professor, Faculty of Law
Brian Price, Associate Professor, Visual Studies (UTM)
Caitlin Gladney-Hatcher, WGSI Alumni
Carles Muntaner, Professor, BFON
Carol Percy, Professor and Associate Director, Department of English, St George
Celeste Pang, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Chester Scoville, Assistant Professor (Teaching Stream), English and Drama, UTM
Christopher Smith, PhD Candidate, OISE/UT
Christy Guthrie, PhD Student, OISE
Clelia Rodriguez, SJE, OISE
Colleen Burke, On behalf of USW Local 1998
Cornel Grey, WGSI
Dan White, Professor, Department of English
Dana Seitler, Associate Professor, English and Sexual Diversity Studies
Daniel Scott Tysdal, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, English, UTSC
Danielle Desmarais, PhD Student, Anthropology
Danielle Sandhu, SESE OISE/UT
Darcy Gauthier, PhD Candidate, Centre for Comparative Literature
David Klausner, Professor Emeritus, English and Medieval Studies
David Nieborg, Assistant Professor, UTSC/Faculty of Information
David Smith, Associate Professor, Anthropology
Dawn Walker, PhD Student, Faculty of Information
Deb Cowen, Geography & Planning
Dickson Eyoh, African Studies/Political Science
Dina Georgis, WGSI
Donna R Gabaccia, Professor, History
DW Livingstone, SJE, OISE
E. Natalie Rothman, Associate Professor, Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC
Elisa Sze, Librarian (Collections & Public Services), Faculty of Information
Elizabeth Gould, Associate Professor, Faculty of Music
Ellen Berrey, Assistant Professor, Sociology (UTM)
Elysia Guzik, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Information
Emily Gilbert, Canadian Studies and Geography & Planning
Erin Aylward, PhD Student, Political Science
Erin Nunoda, PhD Student, Cinema Studies
Eugenia Tsao, Alumna, Anthropology, and Learning Strategist, Division of Student Life
Evan Vipond, Women and Gender Studies
Eve Tuck, Associate Professor, Social Justice Education, OISE
Fady Shanouda, PhD Candidate, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Farzana Khan, President of the Women & Gender Studies Student Union
Franz Breithaupt, German Studies
Felix Beaudry PhD Student, EEB
Francis Cody, Associate Professor, Anthropology and Asian Institute
Francisco-Fernando Granados, UofT Alum / Assistant Professor, Department of Art, OCADU
Gabby Resch, PhD Candidate, Faculty of Information
George Dei, Faculty, Social Justice, OISE
George Mantzios, PhD Student, Anthropology
Graeme Slaght , Librarian, Robarts Library
Hae Yeon Choo, Sociology
Harriet Sonne de Torrens, Librarian, UTM
Harry Au, U of T alumni
Ido Katri, SJD Candidate, Law
Iulia Badescu, PhD Candidate, Anthropology, Intersex
Jack Jamieson, PhD Student, Faculty of Information
James Cahill, Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies Institute and French
James Deutsch, Psychiatry
Jamie Magnusson, Associate Professor, Adult Education & Community Development, OISE
Janice Boddy, Professor, Anthropology
Jayeeta Sharma, History/UTSC
Jeff Bale, Associate Professor, Curriculum, Teaching and Learning, OISE
Jesse Berlin, Graduate, Cognitive Science and Philosophy
Jeffrey Boase, Associate Professor, ICCIT & Faculty of Information
Jennifer Power, WGSI
Jesse Hatch, Equity Studies, Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Jesse Jenkinson, PhD Candidate, Public Health
Jessica Broe-Vayda, PhD Student, Anthropology
Jessica Kras, JD/Master of Public Policy Candidate, 2018
Jessica Taylor, Sessional Lecturer, New College, UTSC, and Anthropology
Jijian Voronka, PhD, SJE, OISE
Joan Simalchik, Program Coordinator, Women and Gender Studies, UTM
Joanne Saliba, WGSI
Jocelyn Piercy, PhD candidate, OISE
John Ackimenko, PhD candidate, Munk School of Global Affairs
John Noyes, Professor, German
John P. Portelli, Professor, SJE, OISE
John Semley, Innis College/Cinema Studies
Jordan Hale
Joseph Berkovitz, IHPST
Joachim Peiper, Student
Ju Hui Judy Han, Geography
Judith Taylor, WGSI Sociology
June Larkin, WGSI/New College
Kajri Jain, Associate Professor, Visual Studies/Art
Karen Dewart McEwen, PhD Student, Faculty of Information
Kari Dehli, Professor Emerita, SJE, OISE
Karina Griffith, PhD Student, Cinema Studies
Karyn Recollet, Assistant Professor, WGSI
Kate Milley, Sessional Instructor, Women’s and Gender Studies, UTSC
Katherine Blouin, History
Katherine Mackenzie, Department of Anthropology
Kathryn Morgan, Professor Emerita, Philosophy & Women and Gender Studies Institute
Katie Kilroy-Marac, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Kelly Fritsch, WGSI
Ken Derry, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Historical Studies (UTM)
Kenzie Bunting, Faculty of Law, JD Candidate
Kevin Nixon, PhD Candidate, Anthropology/Instructor in Sexual Diversity Studies
Kira Lussier, PhD Candidate, IHPST
Krista Maxwell, Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Lance T. McCready, OISE
Laura Beach, PhD Student, Anthropology
Laura Jantek, Staff, Faculty of Information
Laura Thrasher, Social Justice Education, OISE
Laura Toth, SJE, OISE
Leigh Brownhill, Sessional Lecturer, WGSI
Leila Pourtavaf, PhD Candidate, Department of History, University of Toronto
Lesley Tarasoff, PhD Candidate, Dalla Lana School of Public Health, University of Toronto
Lily Hassall, Faculty of Law, JD Candidate
Lindsay Marlies Small, PhD Student, Faculty of Information
Lisa Davidson, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Lisa Forman, Assistant Professor, Dalla Lana School of Public Health
Lisa Yoneyama, East Asian Studies and Women & Gender Studies Institute
Liz Newbery, Associate Director, New College Writing Centre
Loree Erickson, WGSI
Luca Somigli, Full Professor, Italian Studies
Lucia Dacome, IHPST
Lucy El-Sherif , PhD student, OISE
Lynne Viola, History
Madeleine Mant, Anthropology
Magda Yuksel, PhD Student
Marcelo Vieta, Assistant Professor, OISE/UT
Marie Meudec, Ex postdoctoral fellow, Anthropology
Marie Vander Kloet, Assistant Director, Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation
Marieme Lo, WGSI/ African Studies
Marlene Goldman, English
Martin Cannon, Associate Professor, Social Justice Education
Martin Klein, Professor Emeritus, History
Martina Schlünder, History
Mary Jean Hande, PhD Candidate, Adult Education and Community Development, OISE
Mary-Marta Briones-Bird, Administrative Coordinator, Faculty of Information
Matthew Farish, Geography and Planning
Maureen FitzGerald, Fellow, Mark S. Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies
Melissa Nesrallah, WGSI
Michael Bramah, St. Michael’s College
Michael Petit, Assistant Professor, Arts, Culture & Media
Michelle Murphy, Professor, History/WGSI/Technoscience Research Unit
Miguel Torrens, Librarian, Robarts Library
Naisargi Dave Associate Professor, Anthropology
Nakanyike Musisi, History
Naomi Nagy, Linguistics
Natalie Kouri-Towe
Natasja VanderBerg, Program Administrator, East Asian Studies
Neda Maghbouleh, Assistant Professor, Sociology (UTM)
Nicholas Matte, Lecturer, Sexual Diversity Studies
Nicholas Sammond, Associate Professor, Cinema Studies Institute
Nicholas Terpstra, Professor and Chair of History – St. George
Nicole Charles, PhD Candidate WGSI
Nik Redman
Nishant Singh, PhD Student, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Nzube Ekpunobi, MD Candidate
Olivia Or, WGSI
Patrick Keilty, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information
Peter Soles Muirhead, PhD Student, Anthropology
Phil Goodman, Assistant Professor, Sociology (UTM)
Ponni Arasu, History
Punam Khosla, Sessional Lecturer, Women and Gender Studies UTM
R. Cassandra Lord, Assistant Professor, Historical Studies, WGS, UTM
Rachel La Touche, Sociology
Ramón A. Victoriano-Martínez , Sessional Lecturer, Caribbean Studies
Ramtin Teymouri, PhD Student, Cinema Studies
Réal Negah-Ours, PostDoc Sociology
Rebecca Comay, Professor of Philosophy
Rebecca Noone, PhD Student, Faculty of Information
Renee Ferguson, WGSI
Rhonda McEwen, Associate Professor, ICCIT & Faculty of Information
Ricky Varghese, Doctoral alumni, OISE
Rima Berns-McGown, Diaspora Studies, Historical Studies, UTM
Rinaldo Walcott, WGSI/OISE
Robert Diaz, Assistant Professor, WGSI
Robert Fajber, PhD Candidate, Physics
Robert Lewis, Professor, Geography
Rosa Sarabia, Spanish & Portuguese
Rosalea Thompson, OISE Alumni
Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández, OISE/Curriculum Teaching and Learning
Rupaleem Bhuyan, Social Work
Ruth Levine, WGSI/CIN Student
S. Trimble, WGSI
Sara Saljoughi, Assistant Professor, English (UTSC) & Cinema Studies Institute
Sarah Snyder, PhD Candidate, SJE, OISE / TA, Equity Studies
Sarah Tracy, History
Sarah Williams, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology
Scott Richmond, Assistant Professor, Cinema Studies Institute
Shane Martland, MA Student, Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
Shawna Carroll, OISE, Curriculum, Teaching, & Learning
Sheila Stewart, Lecturer, Equity Studies, New College Writing Centre, WGSI
Sherida Ryan, OISE
Sheril Hook, Librarian, St. Michael’s College; PhD Candidate, Faculty of Information
Shirin Gerami, Phd Student, Anthropology
Solomon McKenzie, Faculty of Law, JD Candidate
Sonny Dhoot, PhD Candidate/TA, WGSI
Stanley Klassen, Collections Manager/Lab Technician
Stephanie Latty, PhD Student, Social Justice Education
Stephen Rockel, History, UTSC
Susan Antebi, Associate Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
T. Nikki Cesare Schotzko, Associate Professor, Centre for Drama, Theatre, and Performance
Tade Credgeur , Advancement Officer
Takashi Fujitani, History/WGSI
Tanya Titchkosky, Social Justice Education, OISE
Tanzeel Hakak, JD Candidate, Faculty of Law
Thomas Lahusen, Professor, History & Comparative Literature
Tina Cody, JD Candidate, Faculty of Law
Tiziana Gallo, PhD Student, Anthropology
Uzoma Esonwanne, Department of English & Centre for Comparative Literature
Vanessa McCarthy, Ph.D., Sessional Instructor, Department of History
Vannina Sztainbok, Social Justice Education
Vasuki Shanmuganathan, Global Asia Studies/Dept of Historical and Cultural Studies, UTSC
Veronika Ambros, Associate Professor Slavic/ Complit
Victoria McArthur, Institute of Communication, Culture, and Information Technology, UTM
Victoria Tahmasebi-Birgani, Assistant Professor of Women and Gender Studies
W. Chris Johnson, WGSI / History
Wanja Gitari, OISE
William Hébert, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
YIftach Fehige, Associate Professor, IHPST
Yoonkyung Lee, Associate professor, Sociology
Zoë Gross, WGSI