The Victoria University Students’ Administrative Council (VUSAC) will implement two levy increases starting in the 2017–2018 academic year that its student body had passed in 2013 but had not implemented. The levies will go to the Victoria College Drama Society (VCDS) and the World University Service of Canada (WUSC), both of whom had put forward levy referenda in 2012.

The VCDS levy will see full-time students pay an additional $3.00 and part-time students an additional $1.50. The WUSC will receive a $1.50 fee increase from full-time students and a $0.50 increase from part-time students.

Each year, VUSAC must submit approved levy increases to the Office of the Dean of Students by an established deadline in order to be implemented by the following school year. However, the 2012–2013 VUSAC executive failed to submit the two levy increases before this deadline, and according to VUSAC President Zahavah Kay, the referenda results were likely not implemented due to administrative errors in bookkeeping the following year. 

Kay also noted “a lack of thorough transitioning of internal processes and knowledge between outgoing and incoming members of staff.” 

VUSAC announced the levy implementation in a Facebook post

According to Kay, the levy fee increases are being implemented now “because the VUSAC executive, as we understand our positions as student representatives, feel that VUSAC does not and should not have the authority to deny a change in student fees that was approved by the students.”

The decision to implement the levies was made prior to this year’s deadline for submitting approved levy increases.

The VCDS, while still planning its budget for the upcoming school year, believes the levy increase will have a positive impact on the society. “This additional funding will help us to cover the costs of renting performance space and organizing a special gala for our centennial celebration,” VCDS Communications Director Jeffrey Wang told The Varsity. “We will be able to provide more resources to each of our productions, such as in the realms of sets, props, costumes, and rentals. We also plan to invest in new or better tools and equipment for our tech team.”

According to Kay, the WUSC levy increase will provide “support to the continuation and expansion of the refugee sponsorship program at Vic.”