Disclaimer: This article is intended only as a guide. Please check course requirements to verify your enrolment eligibility.

Stressing over timetable organization and refreshing ACORN every five minutes to check your waitlist rank are telltale signs that it is, once again, course selection season. To make your decision easier, here are 10 interesting science courses that will satiate your desire for knowledge.

1. AST221H1 F: Stars and Planets

If stars and planets are your passion, AST221 is the course to take. Learn about the life of stars and how we can study them using instrumentation. Students can also suggest topics not covered extensively by the textbook to the professor for interactive discussion during tutorials.

2. CHM209H1 S: Chemistry of Molecular Gastronomy

Have you ever wondered why some foods are so flavourful and colourful, or how to make mango ravioli, chocolate spaghetti, or a perfectly cooked egg? Take CHM209 to find out. In this course, the chemical and physical components of cooking are examined to discover how and why our food can be so tasty.

3. CHM210H1 F: Chemistry of Environmental Change

In this course, the chemical systems of the Earth, along with the way they are affected by human behaviour, are the main focus. Topics include the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, and biogeochemistry

4. ESS105H1 S: Our Home Planet

The focus of this course is on Earth, from its terrestrial composition to human interactions with it. A highlight of this course in the past was a poster assignment that provided a hands-on opportunity for students to demonstrate their newfound knowledge.

5. ESS241H1 F: Geologic Structures and Maps

If you have a love for geology and enjoy interactive practical work, then this is the course for you. ESS241 takes you on an exciting adventure to unravel the secrets of Earth’s geology. The best part is that students are eligible to participate in an International Course Module taking place in Oman during Reading Week in November.

6. IVP210H1 S: Holography for 3D Visualization

With a small class size of 35 people, this course provides you with the opportunity to learn the theory and applications of holography. Previous lab sessions involved an engaging mix of creating holograms and modelling 3D graphics.

7. PHY202H1 F: The Physics of Science Fiction and Gaming

Are superpowers achievable outside the realms of action movies and video games? Is time travel really possible? These questions and more are answered in PHY202. This course explores and analyzes the physics in pop culture, as well as how these ideas affect us.

8. PHY231H1 F: Physics of Living Systems

Gain a new perspective on physics by understanding how it ties in with biological systems. Past experiments in this course made use of computer simulations to visualize lecture concepts.  

9. PSY230H1 F: Personality and Its Transformations

If you are interested in psychology from a biology standpoint, consider PSY230. Uncover the science behind the formation of personality and the factors that shape an individual.

10. TRN125Y1: Contemporary Issues in Health Science

With a class size of 25, TRN125 offers a close-knit setting to discuss and develop viewpoints on controversies in the health sciences. Contemporary topics such as stem cells, transplantation, regenerative medicine, vaccination, and personalized medicine will be discussed. This course is part of the Trinity One program.